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Vol 38(4) - Lakorra

Bindi Cole

Taking us back to a time when Melbourne was a flat open expanse, and the sky would envelop you, Wadawurrung artist Bindi Cole reminds us what it felt like to be a small part of a larger world, ‘a lovely feeling of insignificance’ where ‘it’s not all about self ’. Today, the sky is often obscured, and we’re bombarded with advertising and consumerism. ‘There’s a constant focus on self.’

Our cover image, Lakorra, is from the exhibition On the Edge of the Unknown which ‘explores the space between worlds: the space that defines you’. Lakorra, the Wadawurrung word for sky, aims to bring a bit of the sky and open expanse back to the streetscape. As Bindi says, ‘Conveying a sense of openness, of a time before the city stood in its place and of a people who walked here long before there were streets, Lakorra allows us to ponder something deeper, more meaningful and greater than ourselves’.

Bindi Cole, LakorraLakorra, 2013 by Bindi Cole
Pigment print on cotton rag
Cover image: © Bindi Cole
Courtesy the artist and Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

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