: Vol 37(4) - Once upon a time… tomorrow

Vol 37(4) - Once upon a time… tomorrow

Chris Morin

Beyond the strong, worrisome undercurrent of our planet’s future, comes the exploration of the topic where man-made creations will eventually be swallowed up by time and nature. The onset of climate change and cultivation of concrete jungles around the globe has started to serve as slight prompts to the imagination of post-human life on Earth.

French photographer and artist Chris Morin’s interpretation of a post-collapse world comes in a series of photographs, Once upon a time... tomorrow, featuring a variety of iconic buildings and structures that have become synonymous to the cities they are located in. Our cover features ‘Sydney surf ballet’ from this series.

Using these famous landmarks as his canvas, Morin vividly enhances the photographs with vibrant colours and perspectives, painting with a bevy of flora and fauna as his medium. The layers of nature are coerced on top of the urban scene — creating a whole new landscape.

Morin is quick to reassure that these images are not a depiction of pessimism and the apocalypse, but rather, homage to the unsurpassed power of nature against ‘modern man’s super-structures’. It was his visit to the temples in Angkor Wat, Cambodia that inspired Morin as he drank in the way ‘nature had reclaimed the site’. It compelled him to consider the magnitude of the temples of Angkor Wat in their glory days, imposing themselves upon Mother Nature, only to be taken back and civilizations made to disappear.

These images are set to invoke a confronting aspect of nature: of its fragility yet unwavering force and of its unpredictability yet unremitting presence. The bright hues of green gives the images a ‘Garden of Eden’ type quality, full of life and promise, set atop the once-glorified ingenuity of man’s organised spaces.

Once upon a time… tomorrow, 2010, Chris MorinOnce upon a time… tomorrow, 2010, digital colour photographs
by Chris Morin
100 x 150 cm

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