: Vol 38(2) - Justice (exotic)

Vol 38(2) - Justice (exotic)

Neil Haddon

Neil Haddon’s new series of paintings on aluminium explore relocation and migration, stemming from his own experience, moving from England, via Spain, to Tasmania. Our cover image, Justice (exotic), is from this series — a painting that explores the poignant terrain covered when leaving a place of deeply-felt connection to explore opportunity elsewhere. Haddon attempts to find his own sense of belonging by redistributing images from local media stories to the language of painting. Characters become disconnected from their original context as Haddon applies, then removes, successive layers of oil and enamel paint, excavating the imagery and adding in strange new elements until he comes up with entirely new contexts.

AltLJ382-Cover-Justice-exoticJustice (exotic), 2011, by Neil Haddon
partially abraded high gloss polyester, oil and
acrylic paint on composite aluminium panel,
150 cm x 120 cm

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