: Vol 38(3) - Fantastic Filigree

Vol 38(3) - Fantastic Filigree

Sally Harrison

Indigenous artist Sally Harrison returns to her spiritual roots in a series of paintings that capture the beauty and colour of the 26th Parallel — a stretch of remote wilderness situated in the north west of Western Australia.

As a member of the stolen generation, Harrison has struggled with issues of identity and self-acceptance. Teaching herself to dot paint has been part of her 'journey of self-healing and spiritual cleansing.'

Our cover image, Fantastic Filigree, is from this series and is based on a large area of crenellations in the weathered rock below a natural formation called 'Mushroom Rock' near Kalbarri, north of Perth. Working from photographs taken on site, Harrison's technique is to work six or seven dark undercoats putting down her shapes and then apply the dots to create an image — in this case, one that captures the intricate beauty of this remote, primordial landscape. She says of her subject matter, 'Some things take my breath away. I want people to have the same experience — to go into my paintings and disappear.'

Sally Harrison, Fantastic Filigree, 2010Fantastic Filigree, 2010 by Sally Harrison
Cover image: © Sally Harrison
From the collection of Libby and Mark Niall

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