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This section of the website highlights the cover art used on each issue of the journal, together with the artists interpretation of the work.

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Vol 37(1) - Justice for all

These two posters are from the ‘Justice for All’ exhibition, put together to showcase CLCs’ work over the past forty years. Celebrating justice and protesting injustice, the posters are examples of CLCs creative and artistic community development and education work.

As the exhibition catalogue states, ‘The early activities of CLCs were highly creative. CLCs were trailblazers in terms of packaging legal information: t-shirts, wallet-sized cards, condom wrappers, comics, posters, music video clips, pamphlets, and easy to read but detailed guides to the law were amongst the plethora of groundbreaking community legal education tools developed by CLCs.’ Art became part of CLC campaign tactics.

The ‘Don’t Shut Up Justice’ poster was produced in the context of the Kennett government’s review of CLCs in the late ’90s, according to Federation CEO Hugh de Kretser, who added that, following the change to Labor with Steve Bracks’ win in 1999, ‘the review never really went anywhere.’ The Kennett-era campaign took off when it was feared that CLCs, like other community organisations at the time, would be amalgamated and corporatised to remove them from communities and undermine their independence.

‘Keeping you on top of the law’, produced around the late 1980s by Another Planet Posters, evokes the pioneering CLC days with its sense of spontaneity, fun and anarchy. A wonderful example of circus style art, the image is open to many interpretations — the law is a balancing act, a circus or perhaps an ass?

These posters form part of CLCs’ history ‘of irreverent rule-breaking, having fun, carrying on, managing through chaos, being brave, failing spectacularly, winning against impossible odds, making mistakes (lots of them), and having a go.’

altlj-2012-37-1-composite-cover-imageComposite image:
‘Don’t Shut Up Justice: Hands off our community legal centres’ [left]
‘Keeping you on top of the law’ [right]
Posters produced for the Federation of Community Legal Centres (Victoria)
© 2012 Federation of Community Legal Centres (Victoria)

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