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Vol 36(3) - 'Future Memories'

Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson, an Australian-born artist now based in Belgium, takes the art of photography to new heights with her digitally manipulated photographic series Future Memories. Nelson graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and began in her career as a digital artist, working on films such as Moulin Rouge and Australia. In 2008, she began to focus on own work which involved combining photographs of nature using digital techniques. The images in the series are created by taking thousands of photographs of nature and combining them to create a familiar yet ‘other worldly’ landscape. Nelson feels that just one photograph doesn’t do justice to her personal and inner world-view, and thus creating these images is a form of technology-enhanced ‘painting’ where technology is her artist’s brush.

The ethereal worlds portrayed in Nelson’s artworks, filled with images of flora and fauna, have gained a global audience and have had a collective impact because of their ecological implications. There is truth in her art — where real images of the natural world are reconciled and aesthetically re-arranged to strike at the centre of our emotions in one fell swoop — that reminds many of the beauty and fragility of our planet, and the importance of taking care of it.

Mareeba, 2010 by Catherine NelsonMareeba
2010 by Catherine Nelson pigment print, 150 x 150 cm, edition of 7
Cover image courtesy of Gallerysmith, Melbourne

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