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This section of the website highlights the cover art used on each issue of the journal, together with the artists interpretation of the work.

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Vol 35(2) - Remote & Wild

Richard Green

Our cover image, by photographer Richard Green, is of ripples in the Franklin River in south-west Tasmania. Over the last 20 years, Richard and his wife Carolyn have sought out and photographed Australia’s most remote and beautiful wilderness areas. They hope their images will add to the growing public awareness of the beauty of our natural environment — to encourage and support a desire to protect it — and that, in turn, public pressure can be brought to bear on politicians to make courageous and long-sighted decisions in addressing climate change.

Richard’s work can be seen on his website, http://www.RichardGreen.net.au. The couple have just published a lavishly produced book of panoramic images, entitled ‘REMOTE & WILD, seeking the unknown Australia’.

Remote and Wild, Richard GreenAbove: Perspective rocks — photograph taken on an island off the Kimberley coast.

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