: Minimum standards for residential properties

Minimum standards for residential properties

Benedict Bartl

Following a Review of the Residential Tenancy Act 1998, the Minister for Consumer Protection, Nick McKim, has confirmed that Tasmania will become the first state or territory in Australia to introduce minimum standards into residential properties. Whilst further work is required on the actual detail of the proposed minimum standards, there has been broad support from all the relevant stakeholders, including public housing providers, the Tenants’ Union of Tasmania and landlords. In future all residential premises must guarantee hot and cold running water, toilet facilities, a bath or shower, and cooking facilities. Additionally, all landlords will need to ensure that premises contain adequate heating in the main living area as well as being free from roof leakages, free of substantial drafts and adequately ventilated. The Bill is likely to be introduced later this year and will hopefully act as a model from which other states and territories soon follow.

BENEDICT BARTL is Solicitor and Liaison Officer with the Tenants’ Union of Tasmania.
(2012) 37(2) AltLJ 138
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