: News from Tasmania

News from Tasmania

Tasmania Editorial Committee

Same-sex marriage

Tasmania’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill which had been the first to pass a lower house of parliament in Australia and would have allowed same-sex couples to marry, was recently defeated 8–6 in the Upper House. With Bills currently before, or proposed for, Parliaments in South Australia, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory it is likely that the fight for same-sex equality will continue.

Surrogacy laws

In better news for supporters of same-sex equality, amendments to surrogacy laws have recently been passed meaning that all couples including gay and de-facto can use a surrogate to carry their child. The Bill was passed by Tasmania’s Upper House with a number of amendments including that the surrogate must be at least 25 years old and it cannot be her first pregnancy.

Changes to Anti-Discrimination Act

Proposed changes to Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tas) will significantly extend the powers of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, with complaints able to be pursued by the Commissioner through the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal and the courts. The Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill 2012, which is currently before the House of Assembly will also see an expansion on the prohibition of conduct which offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules another person to include all grounds under the Act.


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