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DownUnderAllOver is a round-up of legal news from both State and federal jurisdictions, and contains topical articles and short pieces from Alternative Law Journal committees around the country.

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Effects and legality of the Occupy Melbourne eviction

Julia Dehm, Sara Dehm and Erin Buckley

One year on from the controversial eviction of Occupy Melbourne from the City Square a qualitative report, Occupy Policing: A Report into the Effects and Legality of the Eviction of Occupy Melbourne from City Square on 21 October 2011, documents protesters’ experiences of policing. The Report complements these eye-witness accounts with an account of the relevant laws.

(2013) 38(1) AltLJ 62


James Price Point: Yet another legal challenge

Alice Drury
Western Australia

Having already been the subject of two high profile WA Supreme Court (and one Court of Appeal) decisions, Woodside Petroleum’s planned development of a controversial LNG processing hub at James Price Point is now facing further legal challenge. The Wilderness Society and Goolarabooloo Traditional Custodian Richard Hunter applied for an order nisi in the Supreme Court of WA in December last year. The Applicants are seeking to set aside the Environment Protection Authority’s decision to declare the proposed development of the remote corner of the Kimberley a ‘derived proposal’.

(2013) 38(1) AltLJ 62


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