: Children’s Commissioner role to be reviewed

Children’s Commissioner role to be reviewed

Benedict Bartl and Noelle Rattray

The role of the Children’s Commissioner in Tasmania is being reviewed following criticism from the departing Children’s Commissioner that she lacks the power to initiate own investigations and is unable to investigate child protection matters without ministerial direction. Since 2000 when the position was created all of Tasmania’s Children Commissioners have called for their role to have greater powers with the Children’s Minister Michelle O’Byrne recently conceding that the Children’s Commissioner is currently a policy advice role. Concerns have also been raised that the Children’s Commissioner tenure of three years should be brought into line with every other jurisdiction in Australia where tenure is at least five years. The government will delay the appointment of a permanent Children’s Commissioner until the powers of the role have been reviewed.


*Benedict Bartl and Noelle Rattray are either current or former Management Committee members of the Wilderness Society (Tasmania) one of the signatories to the Forestry Agreement.

(2013) 38(3) AltLJ 196
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