: Victims of crime representative on Parole Board

Victims of crime representative on Parole Board

The Tasmanian Commitee

Victims of crime could soon be given a voice on the Tasmanian Parole Board following a proposed Liberal policy to allow a representative on the Board. The new Attorney-General, Vanessa Goodwin, recently noted, ‘I have sought advice on how best to amend the Corrections Act to implement our long standing commitment to provide for a Victim’s of Crime Representative on the Parole Board. This will ensure that a representative of those who have been directly affected by crime will have an active role in decisions about prisoner’s suitability for parole’. In response, the President of the Law Society, Anthony Mihal noted his objections to the suggested reform stating that victims of crime are able to provide impact statements to the Parole Board, and under current laws the Board already has to make sure that proper consideration is given to the victim’s views. The Law Society also believes that under the new policy, rehabilitation of prisoners could be undermined, and there is a risk offenders could be treated more harshly simply because the victim has an objection. The proposed system is already in use in NSW, South Australia and Western Australia and is likely to be introduced given the Liberal Government’s belief that victims should have a stronger voice in the Tasmanian parole process.


(2014) 39(1) AltLJ 142
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