: Controversial move-on powers repealed

Controversial move-on powers repealed

Robert Corr

In 2014, the Coalition government expanded police move-on powers by broadening the grounds for their application, and especially by removing the protection for picketing employers, protesting or demonstrating, or ‘otherwise behaving in a way that is apparently intended to publicise the person’s view about a particular issue’. (See DUAO (2014) 39(1) AltLJ 63.) These amendments to the Summary Offences Act 1966 (Vic) were made in the wake of the Occupy Melbourne protests and a large CFMEU protest over safety on Grocon construction sites.

The Andrews government has repealed those draconian provisions.

ROBERT CORR is a Legal Studies teacher at the Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School.

(2015) 40(2) AltLJ 143
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