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Closure of Aboriginal Communities

Steven Castan
Western Australia

In other news, continuing uncertainty and speculation as to which remote Aboriginal communities will be closed in WA is causing distress and anxiety in those communities.

Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has called on the Premier to engage in proper and full consultation with Indigenous people, as he promised. Such consultation has not occurred even though the plan to close many remote communities was announced earlier in the year.

(2015) 40(2) AltLJ 143


Police to provide stop and search receipts

Robert Corr

The hard work of the Flemington-Kensington Community Legal Centre in challenging racist policing has borne fruit, with Victoria Police agreeing to implement a pilot program for issuing receipts when exercising stop-and-search powers.

The FKCLC has been lobbying for the introduction of stop-and-search receipts since 2010. In 2013, the FKCLC subpoenaed then Chief Commissioner Ken Lay to give evidence about racial profiling by Victoria Police. Instead, the Federal Court case was settled and Victoria Police agreed to engage in a community consultation process.

The Receipting Proof of Concept program is a direct result of that consultation process. Police and Protective Services Officers will be required where the officer initiates the contact, they request a name and address, and no ‘law enforcement outcome’ such as an arrest or infringement notice is otherwise recorded.

(2015) 40(2) AltLJ 143


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