: A human rights law for Queensland

A human rights law for Queensland

James Farrell

Queensland’s electoral and parliamentary systems make the state uniquely exposed to the misuse of government power. A Human Rights Act would improve the system of government in Queensland and protect the rights of all Queenslanders.

When independent MP (and now speaker) Peter Wellington supported the Labor Party to form government in February, Labor agreed to seek advice from the Department of Justice and Attorney General ‘regarding the issues related to a possible bill of rights in Queensland’. Labor agreed to publish this advice to allow for public discussion on the matter.

Since that time a number of community organisations and individuals have met with members of the Queensland government (including the Attorney General) to talk to them about the need for a Human Rights Act and to request that a community consultation be held about the issue.

In coming months, it’s likely that the Queensland government will engage in some community conversations about the need for a Human Rights Act. Readers of the Alternative Law Journal might like to engage in that conversation.

JAMES FARRELL is the director of the Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services Inc.
(2015) 40(3) AltLJ 213
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