: Web-based form to help Intervention Order applicants

Web-based form to help Intervention Order applicants

Robert Corr

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre has introduced a new online application form for Family Violence Intervention Orders. It is intended to reduce the complexity of the standard application form for an intervention order in the Magistrates’ Court, which is 12 pages long and requires some legal knowledge to complete correctly.

The new form is interactive, so it reduces confusion by only including questions that are relevant to the applicant. It guides the user through the process, and uses plain English and examples to explain the information that is requested. It also provides security advice and contact information for relevant community organisations. Importantly, it is designed to be discreet, with security features built in to help victims of family violence keep their application confidential.

The electronic form is currently available for residents of the City of Yarra for a six-month trial period, after which it is expected to be expanded to other areas.

ROBERT CORR is a Legal Studies teacher at the 
Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School.

(2015) 40(3) AltLJ 214
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