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Animal law

This Legal Issues Resource Kit includes recent articles covering

  • Treatment of battery chickens
  • Pet custody disputes in Family law
  • Animals are not goods and chattels
  • Justice, fairness and equality -- rights for non-humans
  • Traditional hunting and cultural rights of indigenous communities and animal welfare
  • Legislating for animal welfare
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Lawyers and ethics in practice: The impact of clinical and ethics curricula on lawyers’ ethical decision-making

Adrian Evans and Josephine Palermo

The authors have conducted a longitudinal study exploring the relationships between values and ethical behaviour for early-career legal practitioners. The study comprised a representative Australian cohort of final-year law students and tracked them through their first two years of employment or further study. It examined changes to ethical decision-making by presenting participants with hypothetical scenarios that provided ethical dilemmas. A questionnaire utilising hypothetical situations was presented in 11 scenarios. This chapter examines responses to the scenarios across the three years of the study, particularly exploring changes over time. Of particular interest were the effects of gender and prior ethics education on changing responses. Findings suggested significant differences between males and females in their ethical responses. They also suggested that involvement in clinical practice, in particular during the law degree, may have a positive impact on future willingness to assist access to justice (insofar as such lawyers were more inclined to participate in later pro bono activity).

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Promoting Justice Through Clinical Legal Education - Jeff Giddings

Jeff Giddings

Clinical legal education is of increasing significance to law schools in Australia and across the globe. The potential to combine community service with student learning distinguishes clinical teaching from other forms of legal education. This book considers how to best recognise and realise the contributions that experiential learning methodologies can make to legal education. It identifies the contributions that clinical programs can make to student learning, social justice, community engagement and research. In this book, Jeff Giddings provides a framework for understanding both the pedagogical and political dimensions of the establishment and sustainability of clinical programs. He uses in-depth historical case studies of major Australian clinical programs to identify how various interested groups can harness the great potential of clinical legal education.

Professor Jeff Giddings is Director of Professionalism at Griffith Law School. He was the Founding Director of the Griffith Clinical Legal Education Program and has written widely about the history and practice of clinical legal education.

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2016 Vol 41(4): Social media and unfair dismissal

Legal studies exercise based on the article "Social media and unfair dismissal" by Justin Pen: (2016) 41(4) Alternative Law Journal pp 271-274.

In his article, ‘Never Tweet?’ Social media and unfair dismissal, Justin Pen examines the challenges posed by the increased use of social media for employment law. He considers the extent to which employers can regulate the private behaviour of employees, and the role of law and cultural expectations in striking the right balance.

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This Legal Issues Resource Kit includes recent articles covering

  • The right to adequate shelter
  • Protection from forced eviction
  • Poverty, crime and the link to homelessness
  • Non-custodial options for homeless children in detention
  • Sex discrimination and housing

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The James Hardie case and its implications for the teaching of ethics

Suzanne Le Mire

In 2004 Australia’s corporate scandal involving the James Hardie restructure began to dominate the headlines. As the Special Commission of Inquiry into the restructure was able to gain access to the notes of some of the practitioners involved we have an unusually complete picture of the way the events unfolded. This chapter examines the role of the lawyers in the conception, implementation and defence of the James Hardie scheme. It argues that the lack of enforcement of the rules of conduct and the evident absence of an ethical culture within large firms makes this prominent case vital for the teaching of legal ethics to future legal practitioners in all jurisdictions.

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