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Opinions Archives

In each issue of the Alternative Law Journal, we run an Opinion. Although not necessarily the Opinion of the issue editors, sometimes it will be an editorial which attempts to unify the issue theme, and will point to issues raised in the edition. Other times, the Opinion will be a controversial piece designed to publicise or encourage discussion on a particular topic. But, no matter what, our Opinions are always worth reading. Here are the Opinions that we have published recently.

This page contains an archive of previous editions.

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pdfAltLJ 36(1) - Opinion: Independence Day -- Anne Twomey

pdfAltLJ 35(4) - Opinion: Law, advocacy and the Brave New World -- Melissa Castan

pdfAltLJ 35(3) - Opinion: The absurdity of representation -- Mark Rankin

pdfAltLJ 35(2) - Opinion: Refugee processing freeze: Unlawful and practically unsound -- Jason Pobjoy and Kate Purcell

pdfAltLJ 35(1) - Opinion: Sorry about the Intervention -- Ben Schokman

pdfAltLJ 34(4) - Opinion: A 'fragmented and incomplete' patchwork of human rights -- Steven White and Ruth Brebner

pdfAltLJ 34(3) - Opinion: Law for one or law for all? -- Alexander Reilly and Alana McCarthy

pdfAltLJ 34(2) - Opinion: Vale Peter Wilmshurst -- The Alternative Law Journal

pdfAltLJ 34(1) - Opinion: On Michael Kirby -- Patricia Easteal and Simon Rice

pdfAltLJ 33(4) - Opinion: From marginal to mainstream: how social change compels law reform -- Ruth Brebner and Alex Reilly

pdfAltLJ 33(3) - Opinion: Annoying Laws: the World Youth Day challenge -- Stephen Blanks

pdfAltLJ 33(2) - Opinion: The principles of pre-existence, or how the Bible stole my rights, again - Rodney Croome

pdfAltLJ 33(1) - Opinion: Judge Not, lest ye be judged -- Vickie Roach

pdfAltLJ 32(4) - Opinion: HIV/AIDS Criminalisation -- Michael Kirby

pdfAltLJ 32(3) - Opinion: Stolen Generation: time for a change -- Julian Burnside

pdfAltLJ 32(2) - Opinion: On the outside... looking in -- Queensland Committee

pdfAltLJ 32(1) - Opinion: A reply to populist politics on culture -- Mick Dodson

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